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Time Ticks On

Some say that if you simply start writing the inspiration will come to you. I love to write. I can sit down and write without giving it much thought. The college papers that others spent days upon days on, I could whip out easily in two – one day for writing and the second day for letting it sit a bit for better editing. Of course substantial papers such as twenty pages took longer, but the general papers were no big deal. So yeah, I can start writing and something will come, but it may not be of interest, let alone inspirational.

I used to write creatively. I think I’ve mentioned that before. That’s kind of died, but that is where I’d like to go again. Blogs are so much about life and I’ve used my blog as a sounding board for issues in my life. I could certainly continue to do that. God knows I’ve got issues. I’m the single mother of two kids which I have raised completely on my own. My son’s father, yes they have separate fathers, takes the cake on dead beat fathers. The thing is, I don’t know that I want to keep writing about my life so my blog has been simmering while I decide what I’m doing. Actually, my blog hasn’t even been on my mind, to be honest.

Most of you don’t know me and I’ve kept my blog a secret on purpose. I am actually a fairly private person and I write about things that I typically don’t talk about. I’m a professional and I think I do pretty well in carrying that persona around. “Fake it ’til you make it” is my personal mantra, so people tend to think I’m doing well even when I’m falling apart inside and I prefer to keep it that way.

So I need to seriously contemplate what direction I’m taking. Do I keep writing about life and whatever I happen to feel like writing about or should I find a direction?  I just don’t know. What do you think, that is, if I even have any readers left? Any words of wisdom for me? Do we have too many blogs about life on here or do you like to read about what others are going through? I just don’t know. Maybe I should start with my revelations of the type of men that I always fall for even when I know they are bad for me.


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