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Life in the 70s was good. Times were fairly simple. We left the doors unlocked, children played outside without worry, and most of us attended church. On this Sunday morning, my brother, his best friend, Jeff, my parents, and myself had all just crawled into our large, brown Chevy Impala. We were headed to church where we were sure to hear lessons on repentance, the ten commandments, and salvation. We hadn’t gotten far when my parents noticed the neighborhood watch sign which happened to have a green bike hanging from it. Laughing from the irony of it all, I watched as my parents’ laughter was slowly replaced by a silence as they turned to look at each other. As their eyes met, realization dawned and the car soon roared with the shouts of, “Randy! Jeff! You didn’t?!” 

The car came to a screeching halt. My brother, Randy, and Jeff were required to remove the bike and return it to the neighbor, but boy does that memory cause laughter. I do not remember the punishment that my brother received. I am sure that he was grounded for a period of time and had to perform some type of penance towards the neighbor. I am also sure that my parents laughed to no end when they went to bed that night and that Randy and Jeff found that little prank worth every ounce of the suffering that they paid. Those boys sure knew how to have fun!


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