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Yep, the search term, “nude girl with snakes,” led two people to my blog last night. Come on! Really? Nude girls with snakes? I want to smack someone because the only girl with a snake on my site is my daughter who is a teen and most certainly not nude. If I wasn’t offended because I know that your search led you to my teenage daughter, I wouldn’t care. However, it did lead you to my daughter and now I want to smack you. Dang it anyways.


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1. I really do like my job. 
2. I have some amazing students – sweet, kind and caring.
3. Don’t let your 14 year old have access to iTunes even if s/he does have a gift card. They may download very raunchy/inappropriate/explicit music  of which said child will be furious when s/he realizes that it has been deleted. 
4. We’re all in this together. This may or may not be true,but it sure helps to think that we aren’t alone.
5. This, too, shall pass.
6. Cutting 18 days out of the school year is a terrifying thought for students as well as adults. Who knew students would be so worried about it?
7.  Coffee is a wonderful thing. 
8. Even bright kids get confused with phonics and reality. Faint really is as easy as it sounds to spell. Pheighnt is simply complicating the word and can not be found in the dictionary. Really. I promise, it isn’t in there (and yes, we looked for it LOL).
9. My dog still loves me.
 10. My children still love me. 
11. Whether or not the cats love me is always debatable. However, they have been bugging me for attention, so I am going to go for a yes.
12.  Even when you are in a terrible funk, you still have to get up and keep on going. Others count on you. Besides, when the day is over, you just might be ok. 
 13. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Just get through today (so hard to do sometimes). 

That’s all for now. I’m so glad the weekend is almost here. 

What did you learn today?

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I suppose blogging is like looking into a fish bowl. With a click of a button, you suddenly get a glimpse of a stranger’s life. It seems as if the most popular blogs are those that contain drama such as dating endeavors or the comical sites. Regardless of the type of blogs that one posts, by posting blogs, one very publicly displays a glimpse into his or her life. 

I have stumbled across sites in which a young lady posted about the bruises and beatings inflicted by her father with pictures to show the physical dismay. Other sites express the passion of a gamer, the skills of a knitter, the magical eye of a photographer. Some sites share the day to day life of a mother, the pains of parenting, the joys of marriage. I have seen sites simply list an hourly account of what was happening and other sites which post a sentence or two about the author’s mood.

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter if the author has chosen to share one particular passion or if the site is a hodge podge of postings. When we read the pages, we are able to peer through the glass and see the beauty of the fish swimming within. I suppose many see blogging as polishing the diamond in the rough. They use the site as a type of therapy. They share their ideas, pains and insights with no one in particular, and yet they share with the whole world at the same time. They may choose to remain anonymous, and yet they still reveal so much. Through this sharing, some are able to shrug off the pieces of dirt that weigh them down and allow their inner diamond to shine. 

There is a quiet tranquility in watching a fish swim in a bowl, even if the fish simply floats. There is a quiet tranquility in reading about the lives of others, in knowing that we are not alone in our joys, our sorrows, our triumphs and our accomplishments. There is a quiet tranquility in the fact that even when we are alone, we are never alone in this great big internet world where it is said that there are “plenty of fish in the sea”. Perhaps we aren’t swimming in a sea, but in a fish bowl…one Beta Fish, one bowl.

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So…I feel like I should post a blog. However, I am exhausted and uninspired. Have a great week everyone (or anyone who happens to read this! :))

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Ping. Ping. Ping.

Can’t sleep? Follow that little arrow in the right hand corner. 

Bored? Follow that little arrow in the right hand corner. 

Trying to procrastinate? Follow that little arrow in the right hand corner. 

Curious? Follow that little arrow in the right hand corner. 

Little by little, our lives change by ping. We click the arrow and we are pinged to a random blog of a person who we probably don’t know and will never meet again. Life used to be a matter of chance. In the blog world, it’s a matter of a ping. I wonder where the random pinging will lead me tonight.

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