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Me – Have you ever noticed all of the dating advertisements on the side of Facebook? C, we have a match for you!

Daughter – Yeah, it’s really annoying.

Son to me – I don’t know why anyone would want to date you.

Umm, thanks son!!!

“That’s not what I meant. I just mean, well people are old. Why would old people date?”

So not helping here.

Son, you have the talent of most men. You say what you mean, it comes out wrong. You try to explain yourself. You make it worse. Congratulations!!  At 8 years old, you may have achieved manhood.



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My daughter has been texting D for quite sometime. I figured that there was something between them, but got tired of asking. The other day, she asked if she could hang at the mall with D and J. I had to go anyways, so I didn’t mind dropping her off. We looked at the makeup and after she picked out what she needed, she was off to meet her friends. Not long after, I text her to come back because I found a shade that I thought she might like.¬†

She came back walking hand in hand with D. 

I smiled and said, “Wait a minute. Boyfriend/girlfriend?”

Sheepish grin, “Yes.”

“When did this happen?”

“Last night.”

He was perfectly nice and insisted on shaking my hand even though it had make up all over it. Tonight he asked daughter if I like him. 

“To be perfectly honest, I don’t know him. I’d have to talk to him a lot more.”

Ha! How cute that he wants me to like him. He’s got a few things going for him:

1. He came to meet me when he didn’t have to.
2. He was a gentleman and insisted on shaking my make up covered hand.
3. He cares if I like him or not.

I will have to kick his ass if he hurts my girl, though. I must be perfectly clear about that.


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*It is currently 93 degrees. Earlier in the week, the high was only in the 50s. There is something wrong with that in my opinion.

*The dog had emergency surgery this week. We were told to prepare for the worst. It has all ended well. She now has a 10 inch incision in her stomach. 

*My 5th grade boys freaked out about spiders twice this week while the girls could care less. 

*I went to a softball game this morning. That was fun. 

*Some of my students are begging me to teach 6th grade next year so that they can have me again. I taught them in 4th grade last year and 5th grade this year. I can not believe that they would want me for a 3rd year. 

*We got our preliminary state scores back (for the students) this week. ¬†Our 5th grade students made a 65% increase in reading. That’s pretty amazing, especially considering how tough this year was.¬†

*I can’t get the dog to take her antibiotics without a treat, yet when I laid the cat’s antibiotic down on the bed so I could pry her mouth open, the dog came along and willingly ate it. WTH?

*A friend in Washington was told that she won’t be re-hired next year for teaching. All teachers with 3 years or less of¬†experience¬†have received pink slips due to the budget crises. That’s 83 teachers in her district. Meanwhile, my district is still trying to figure out what they are going to do. They are considering 4 day school weeks.¬†

*Government needs to get into the schools and see what is really happening instead of creating all of these regulations based on perceptions and cutting funding constantly. It’s not good for the kids and it’s not good for the future of America. We need to look at Japan and some of the other countries and get our schools straightened out.¬†

*Parents need to start parenting their children and stop being afraid to be the bad guy.

*I need to work on breaking my coffee addiction. It’s getting out of hand.

*I got my hair done today. That’s always a treat.

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She likes to think that she is a hunter, but he knows the truth. He silently watches as her body hunkers down, the tall grass engulfing her. She has set her site upon some fluttering creature. Her muscles are taught, her body ready to spring into action. She is silent as her back end begins to wriggle, the tell-tale sign of an upcoming attack. 

Her rotund, orange body and green eyes belie the tigress that she thinks she is. Suddenly, a breeze stirs the stillness and she jumps, not into action, but rather as a startled house cat. She carefully saunters to the protection of her owner who giggles and lifts her into his arms. Being a typical eight year old boy, he does not offer her the safekeeping which she seeks. Instead, he promptly places her back into the tall grass hoping to watch her actions once again. 

This time she is not startled by the breeze, nor is she able to find new prey. Instead, she stealthily moves through the grass, watching and waiting for new opportunities to reveal themselves. Before long, her escapades have led her out of the tall grass and into the freshly mowed lawn. Of course her eight year old owner will have none of this and promptly scoops her up, placing her back into the tall grass. 

Her time of hunting appears to be over, at least for now. She has resigned to being the spectator rather than the surveyed. She now watches her owner. She waits in anticipation for his move while he, in turn, waits for hers. It has become a cat and mouse type of game. She is good at simply waiting, he is not. He tires and moves on to another activity. She meanders away unnoticed.

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Boys should come with a warning:

May smell. Showers are limited and must be forced. 

What is it about boys that they can’t stand to take showers? My kid stinks. He needs a shower. While I worked in the yard, mowed, lawn mower maintenance, etc, he played in the dirt, the weeds, the grass, everything outside and now he stinks. Sadly, this doesn’t phase him.¬†

His sister started taking daily showers in the second grade. He’s in the second grade, but showers only come after a battle. Currently, he has waisted nearly 30 minutes trying to come up with ways to avoid the shower including, “All I need is a bucket so I can dump water on my head. That’s all I really need to wash is my hair.”¬†


“I don’t want to take a shower. Why do I have to take a shower?”

Me, “I don’t want to smell you. You STINK! Go take a shower, NOW.”

Praise God, I finally hear the water running and his body just slinked in. It’s about time!

I’ll be working on those warning labels.

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In summary, today was a good day. Here are a few good things:

  • My 2nd grader decided to read Harry Potter today. He’s already on page 64. The book is a 5th grade level book. As such, he reads better than several of my 5th graders.¬†
  • I had a 2 hour meeting today. I dragged my son along. He behaved excellent and I received several compliments. In fact, he was better behaved than I was. True story.
  • I love when people look at me and try to ponder how old I am while stating, “I would have never guessed you old enough to have a 15 year old.” Yep, I’m plenty old enough. On the same lines, she looks older than 15, so it’s also fun to go out in public and watch people try to figure it all out. I don’t know how old they think I am, but not old enough to have a 15 year old, let alone an 18 year old. Nice.
  • One of my 5th grade students calls me Mommy. He is from a gang family and yet he calls me Mommy. He even told his home room teacher that I am his Mommy. This has gone on for most of the year and I find it very interesting and flattering.
  • I walked into a classroom today in which a couple of former students were. One of the girls told the assistant that I am her best friend. I’ll take that.
  • Another student who has only been here for a couple of months and has remained very introverted asked me today if I would write him an office referral so he could play an April Fool’s joke on his mother. ¬†I wrote that he beat up another student causing a black eye and a bloody nose. I signed it Tooth Fairy. I can’t wait to hear how that one played out.¬†
  • When I picked my daughter up from school, one of my students was there to get her sister. She came to my car and talked to me. Most kids, especially as they get older, ¬†are too embarrassed to seek their students out in public.¬†
  • One of my cats just went and cuddled with my dog. Long story, but the cats were adopted in August and were afraid of the dog for a long time. From a cat perspective, who wouldn’t be afraid? The dog is nearly 100 pounds and a lab/rotweiller mix. That’s a lot of dog. We adopted the dog nearly 5 years ago after she had spent about a year and a half in a shelter. She had one prospective family who took her home and brought her back because she chased the cats. We have 4 cats. The only time she chases them is when they run by her and all are participating in play. In fact, a year after adopting her, I felt she needed a puppy. I wasn’t going to get a pup, but I did get her a kitten. She has treated that cat as her puppy ever since. They can be seen snuggling at any given time.¬†

I’m sure I am overlooking more things, but it’s always nice when we have enough “simple” things happen in a day that it constitutes a good day. These are what make life good. The big things are wonderful, but they tend to be fleeting happiness. It’s the small things that sustain us.

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At what age do little boys grow up enough that they don’t want to sleep with their mothers?

I have a little boy. He is 8 years old. In fact, he has only been 8 for a matter of weeks. Tonight, he fell asleep on the couch (early – at like 7:00!). So, I peeled off his glasses, covered him up and left him there to sleep. Although my little boy is little in age, he is not little in size. For some reason, I have mammoth sized children. He is a little over a hundred pounds and while I don’t know his exact height, he comes past my shoulders. He is even taller than some of my fifth grade students. In fact, he is taller than quite a few of them. At approximately 10:30, he woke up and crawled in bed with me. Upon my suggestion that I walk him to his bed and tuck him in, he respectfully declined. While I don’t particularly like to sleep with him, I recognize that this is a treasure, a gift. How much longer do I have?¬†

He is my soft hearted one. He doesn’t like Mom to be sad or upset. He will gently pat me, hug me or kiss – as long as there is no one around. Getting him to give me a hug in public? Not easy, but I can do it. A kiss? Yeah, right. I’d better be prepared to tackle him if I want one of those. If I am lucky, he might¬†let me kiss him, but chances are that he won’t actually kiss me.¬†

The irony is that I also have a 14 almost 15 year old daughter. She is my fighter. She knows what she wants in life and nothing, nothing will get in her way. While she is kind and caring, patience and affection are not really traits of hers. However, she is not embarrassed to be with Mom in public. She will laugh, tease, put her arm around me, hug me, kiss me, hold my hand, anything. 

My children come to school with me in the morning. When the bells signals for my son to go to class, he tries to sneak out the door without any form of physical affection. My daughter? When it’s time for her to leave, she finds me and gives me a hug and a kiss – in front of my 33 students and student teacher and anyone else that may be around.¬†

Oh how I cherish the love from my children. I know that I am blessed. Not to underplay the significance of my son’s love and gentleness, but I know that it is an amazing thing when your teenager is not too embarrassed to be seen with you. My day is probably coming and it will hurt¬†severely, but in the meantime, I sure do cherish it.

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