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I stopped by the local Dutch Bros to pick up an Iced Milky Way. Soon, I fell into an easy conversation with the guy working the counter. He asked if I had any fun plans for the weekend and then explained that, as punishment for partying, he would be spending Saturday cleaning his girlfriend’s garage, although, it “was worth it.” I learned that he is a student at the local community college and although he doesn’t quite know what he wants to do, he is leaning towards psychology which is what really got our conversation flowing. I mentioned that one of the biggest injustices of our schools is that we no longer have counselors and the conversation went on and on from there. It was an excellent conversation. He was very knowledgeable about the school system and today’s children. I think it was the best conversation that I have had in weeks and bits of it continue to replay through my mind. 

The greatest impact that the whole conversation had on me? The fact that he “started school in 1992.” That means that I am nearly old enough to be his mother. How did this happen??? I know that I am older than these young coffee bistros, but come on, old enough to be their mother??? Somehow, the fact that I have a 15 year old daughter, the fact that I have lived life, the fact that I have continued to age has escaped me. In my mind, I’m still 30. I am an adult, but I am not an aging adult which leaves me to wonder, just how old do these young adults think I am? Am I simply another adult face in the crowd that judges teens with contempt? Am I someone’s mother? Just another customer? Have I, in my years of living, lost my identity and simply become just another face in the crowd?

The irony is, that in the last ten years, I have truly began to live my life and discover who I am. Is it possible that as I have blossomed, I have also, somehow, become just another face in the crowd?


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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my son was better behaved during my meeting than I was. Let me share a few minutes of that meeting with you. My son was unsuspecting in these pics. It was shoot and click, no aiming. I got what I got. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I also took various pictures of unsuspecting colleagues, but I will save them the humiliation of posting…especially since they don’t even know that they were victims to my bad picture taking. Keep in mind, these pictures were taken on a cell phone.

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The stimulus went into effect and as a result, I got my extra $20 for the month in my March paycheck. Thanks, Obama. That’ll really help. What can I get with an extra $20?

1. Someone in another blog mentioned a tank of gas. Not where I live. Gas is about $2.20 a gallon. I can get 9.09 gallons of gas, a little more than half a tank. Good thing I have an economical car!
2. About 3 weeks worth of dog food (big dogs eat a lot!) 
3. About one and one third of a month of water. My monthly water bill is about $15 a month. 
4. About the same for trash.  
5. One meal out at a fast food place.  
6. About half a meal at a restaurant.  
7. 2 pounds of coffee beans.  
8. 5 cups of coffee at the coffee shop (frilly mochas and such, of course!) 
9. 7 1/2 school lunches for my children.
10. 4 gallons of organic milk.  
11. 6 1/2 gallons of “regular” milk. 
12. 8 loafs of bread. 

Thinking, thinking…
a gallon of paint? No.
a new garbage can? Nope.

13. Some new makeup

shoes? No.
medical expenses? No, but…

14. One doctor visit co-pay. 
15. Almost 3 haircuts for my son. Considering he needs hair cuts everything 3 weeks, this takes care of that. hmmm…. 

Ok, so I guess that there are some things that this “extra” $20 could buy and I guess every bit helps, but I hardly call $20 stimulating. Heck, you can’t even get stimulating equipment for $20.  

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Sadly, this reminds me of one of my students at the end of the month when he has run out of his meds. LOL

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I face this week with dread. It will be a long one. As I sit here still in my pajamas, sipping my coffee, watching Juno with the kids and listening to the crackling of the fire, I am burdened with all that this week entails and thankful for one last day off before I have to face everything. 

Without going too much into detail, I am in a position in which I will be confronting a person and basically ending her career before it has even started. As a person, I like her. I have gotten to know her fairly well and see her burdened with the struggles in her own life. Although I do not understand the depth of her problems, nor can I comprehend why she struggles so greatly, the reality is that it has affected her performance, or more accurately, her lack of performance. After 5 months, I have seen no progress despite many conversations in which she was clearly told that she needs to step things up. She is more than 2 weeks late on a major project and she can not go on until this project is done. Time is of the essence, yet it continues to grow later and later until basically, she has ran out of time. This week, I will officially put my name on a piece of paper stating that she simply can not continue in the program. I can not begin to express the magnitude of emotions that this is causing me. I sincerely hate being in this position, yet I must get used to it as this is my career path. 

There is more going on this week, but that is the brunt of it. The rest is really simply secondary job requirements which are above and beyond normal this week resulting in some long days. I dread these mostly because longer work days means less time with my children. Less time with children means that my oldest is stuck at home baby sitting which means that I come home to fighting and a clingy son. Like all mothers, I wish that my children would get along all of the time, not just sometimes. 

For now, I will enjoy the laziness of this day, wait for the movie to end, finish my coffee and finally hop in the shower. Sometime today, I do need to get busy cleaning, but I am in no hurry to do that. lol Luckily, I mainly just have to do the floors so in all reality, it won’t take more than an hour or two. I still have time left to enjoy this day.

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