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We hadn’t even left yet when my mom handed me a print off of the map that we would be using to find the fabric store. It was from Mapquest.

Mom, this map is useless. It doesn’t show how to get to the street that we need.

That’s ok. I have been there before. I know how to get there.

Are you sure, Mom? We could take my car and I can use my GPS system.

No, we’ll be fine. Besides, this will be fun.

It was fun, for about the first hour of what should have been a 30 minute drive. It was fun, until I began to realize that not only did my mom have no idea where she was going, but that I, even though I was from out of town and did not know the area, I had a better sense of direction than she did, although she would not listen to me. It was fun, until she wanted to ask some gangster how to find the fabric shop. Ok, that in and of itself was hilarious, but trying to find a fabric store for 2 hours instead of the 30 minutes that it should have taken? Yeah, not so fun.


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My children and I went to visit the family. We had a family BBQ so that “everyone (could) see (me)”.

Both of my grandmothers were there. They are approaching 90. My parents were there. They are well into their 60s. One set of aunt/uncle were there whom I am guessing are in their 50s. My brother who is very loud and we have nothing in common was also there with his 3 children who are considerably younger than my 2.

It turns out that my parents told my grandma not to invite a lot of family because I don’t want all of the noise. So instead, they recommended that grandma invite my aunt/uncle that I haven’t seen in about 20 years. However, my parents have since become re-aquatinted with them. Who was that BBQ for?

I later told my mom that I feel out of place at those gatherings. Her response?

C, you need to just jump in and join the conversation.

My mom and aunt were talking about sewing machines and quilting. I don’t sew.

My brother and uncle were talking about Spike TV. I don’t have television.

My grandmas were talking about some old cat named Jake and bad drivers. Although I don’t know anything about Jake, I do know about bad drivers and my one grandma who is going blind qualifies as a bad driver, yet she doesn’t think so and continues to drive. Probably not a good idea to insert my opinion on that topic.

So Mom, which conversation should I just jump into?

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Maybe I should change my name to Hermi. I don’t know. People in general drive me NUTS. There are far too many ignorant, annoying people on the face of this earth and they think that they are God’s gift to everything. I. Want. To. Hurt. Them. 

Mostly, I have spent my day at home studying. Oh fun times. The two times that I did go out, I ran into idiots. 

Scenario number one:
Driving through a parking lot. I was following the path, driving where I was supposed to. Big truck was driving through the parking lot/parking lanes. Big truck gets to me. Literally stares at me as she continues to pull out in front of me and drive straight across. WTH? I was RIGHT there when she pulled in front of me. I wasn’t even a ways a way. I. Was. Right. There.

Scenario number two:
Boys, approximately ten years old playing basketball in the middle of the street and might I add that it is dark outside. Normally, when these boys see a car, they do the respectable thing, grab their ball and step out of the way. Today, there was a different boy with him. What did he do? Continue to play basketball. I lightly honked my horn, so he began to step in front of the car. Argh. I want to go and ring his neck as I hear him out there continuing to play. We are new to the neighborhood so I do not know his family. However, from what I have seen of them, they would not comprehend what the problem of this scenario is. Actually, I don’t believe that I have even seen the parents yet although the boys are outside all the freaking time. 10:45 on a school night and these kids are running down the street. Parenting 101 – it is NOT ok to let your elementary aged kids run amuck. They do need some guidelines and routines.  The kids routinely eat Top Raumen (oh, there’s a routine!) . Know how I know? Cuz I see them and they are kind enough to leave their garbage all over my yard. They also leave their balls in the street. Things just might start disappearing. 

See, I should be a hermit. I was raised in a very conservative home. We dared not disturb Daddy Dearest when he was watching TV or taking a nap, which along with work and eating were the only things that he ever did. So I often wonder if I am a grouch as a result of my upbringing or if this kind of thing ticks off the average person as well. I seriously have no idea. 

Really, I just want a big house in the country with absolutely no neighbors. Ok, neighbors at least half a mile away would be fine. One of these days, that is my dream. I love my friends. I love my kids. I am a yacker and do enjoy the social aspect of life, but so many times, I just want to be left the hell alone. Maybe it is because I spend my days surrounded by the public and my nights and weekends surrounded by my own children. I never get the down time or the me time. It is a rarity that I savor. 

I hope I don’t turn into an old woman who keeps completely to herself. That simply would not be good. If we could have people pass an IQ test in order to roam the earth freely, that might help significantly. I seriously wonder what happened to the social norms of courtesy and common sense. When did we stop caring about others and start worrying only about ourselves, almost thriving to make the other person mad? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. 

So tell me my dear reader, am I a grouch or would these things irritate you as well?

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