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We hadn’t even left yet when my mom handed me a print off of the map that we would be using to find the fabric store. It was from Mapquest.

Mom, this map is useless. It doesn’t show how to get to the street that we need.

That’s ok. I have been there before. I know how to get there.

Are you sure, Mom? We could take my car and I can use my GPS system.

No, we’ll be fine. Besides, this will be fun.

It was fun, for about the first hour of what should have been a 30 minute drive. It was fun, until I began to realize that not only did my mom have no idea where she was going, but that I, even though I was from out of town and did not know the area, I had a better sense of direction than she did, although she would not listen to me. It was fun, until she wanted to ask some gangster how to find the fabric shop. Ok, that in and of itself was hilarious, but trying to find a fabric store for 2 hours instead of the 30 minutes that it should have taken? Yeah, not so fun.


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My children and I went to visit the family. We had a family BBQ so that “everyone (could) see (me)”.

Both of my grandmothers were there. They are approaching 90. My parents were there. They are well into their 60s. One set of aunt/uncle were there whom I am guessing are in their 50s. My brother who is very loud and we have nothing in common was also there with his 3 children who are considerably younger than my 2.

It turns out that my parents told my grandma not to invite a lot of family because I don’t want all of the noise. So instead, they recommended that grandma invite my aunt/uncle that I haven’t seen in about 20 years. However, my parents have since become re-aquatinted with them. Who was that BBQ for?

I later told my mom that I feel out of place at those gatherings. Her response?

C, you need to just jump in and join the conversation.

My mom and aunt were talking about sewing machines and quilting. I don’t sew.

My brother and uncle were talking about Spike TV. I don’t have television.

My grandmas were talking about some old cat named Jake and bad drivers. Although I don’t know anything about Jake, I do know about bad drivers and my one grandma who is going blind qualifies as a bad driver, yet she doesn’t think so and continues to drive. Probably not a good idea to insert my opinion on that topic.

So Mom, which conversation should I just jump into?

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My mom and I were talking about a conversation that I had with another family member recently. “Wow,” she said, “You are pretty blunt these days.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, you two are close, you can be blunt with her.”

Except, I’m kind of blunt with everyone now a days. Usually I word things nicely, but sometimes, things just need to be said. 

Ah, aging. It brings out the best in us.

***Also, my links are still gone and I don’t know why. Do you know where they went and how to get them back? My “links” tab shows that all of my links are visible, but as you can clearly see, they are not.

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Tonight the new neighbors were outside yelling their heads off. He likes the f word an awful lot. They were yelling about “shit” and which of it is hers and which of it is his. It ended when she said that she was going to go and get hers and get out of there. He, of course, agreed. 

Eventually, the voices were back outside. They have like 6 kids. The youngest is a newborn, the oldest, I’m guessing, is middle school. When they came back, it sounded like they were all outside. This was at about 10:15 p.m. I can’t help but feel sorry for those kids. They should have been in bed, instead they were able to be a part of a major family drama. At least it was only words and nothing physical, at least not that I could tell and I’m pretty good at recognizing when there is physical abuse. 

They are all back inside now and no one left. I’m really confused, though. They all came outside as if someone was leaving, but no one did. What were they doing outside? Why did the whole family come out? They weren’t all out earlier. 

Whatever the reasons, I’m proud to live in such a classy neighborhood. I’m also happy that my window happened to have been open this evening so that I could be a nosy neighbor – although is it really nosy when I can’t help but hear?  I’m so happy I’m not in one of those ugly relationships. Sorry, neighbors, but I’m happy that I’m not you. Have fun with your million children crammed into that home and your fights and whatever else it is that you do. Yep, you have fun over there.

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When we moved into this house during Christmas break, I thought it was a great time to fill the UHaul up with items and drop everything off at the Goodwill. Amongst the boxes of toys, dishes, and clothing was our kitchen table from somewhere in the early 1990s, possibly the late 80s. I was so sick of that table and figured we didn’t use it all that much anyways, so why not? 

Ha! Apparently, we used the table more than I realized. The worst part of all was that somehow my bed became the new dining room which is really ironic considering I just don’t do crumbs in my bed. On Thursday, I finally found the perfect little table for our home and family. I ordered it and it will take approximately 6 weeks to arrive. In the meantime, my children have talked non-stop about how excited they are to be getting a new table. I find great humor in this. My son literally asks me several times a day, “How long until the kitchen table comes?” Who knew.


Our new "breakfast nook"

Our new "breakfast nook"

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I feel like the fricken cat lady. It really sucks. I would say that I need therapy, but I really have learned my lesson. These are the animals that reside in my rather small home:


Teenage Daughter & her snake, Sweety

Son & Dog

Son & Dog, Gabby

5 African Dwarf Frogs

5 African Dwarf Frogs (Son's)

A Red Eared Slider (son's)

A Red Eared Slider (son's)


An old cat named Grace

An old cat named Grace

Star, the most unphotogenic cat ever

Star, the most unphotogenic cat ever

The Mommy/Daughter Dual, Molly & Karma

The Mommy/Daughter Dual, Molly & Karma

Molly and Karma are a result of me feeling sorry for them, so I took them in. 4 cats in a home is absolutely ridiculous and it won’t happen again. Actually, if my house were larger, it might not matter, but my house is not larger, so I simply feel like a fool. Lucky for them, they are the sweetest cats ever…or at least the mom, Molly, is and they are a package deal. Want some cats? or frogs or a turtle? Hmmm????

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My ex came into town last night. I gave him a welcoming hug and a kiss on the neck. There was absolutely nothing there. No feelings, no chemistry, no butterflies, nothing. It’s nice to know that even in my dreams, I am completely over my ex. 

That was my dream, however, the reality is that he is coming into town tomorrow. He is coming with his girlfriend to “watch” our 15 year old daughter in a ski competition. He will blow into town sometime Friday, stay in a hotel some thirty minutes or so away, get up Saturday morning and spend the day sitting in the lodge with his girlfriend, not being able to see anything of the competition, go back to his hotel Saturday night, get up around 7 Sunday morning, and drive back home. He informed our daughter that he wants her to stay with him in the hotel Friday night. She is stressed out and in tears about this. 

We separated when she was 8 months old, over 14 years ago. He disappeared from her life for several years. Around kindergarten age, he started making an appearance although his time with her has always been irregular. He has never been one to actually make time for her, instead, he squeezes her in when and if he finds the time. This usually equates to between 2 and 4 overnight stays a year. Yes, that would be 2 to 4 one night stays per YEAR. Really, it is a lame relationship and not a fatherly relationship at all, although he is the only father that she has. 

So, he has not made any contact with me and I have not known what is going on with this whole weekend visit thing, neither has my daughter. Tonight, he called to tell her that he will see her sometime tomorrow and she will stay the night with him and his girlfriend, and they will all go up to the mountain together on Saturday. 

First of all, it is completely awkward for our daughter to have to share a hotel room with her father, let alone his girlfriend. They do not have that kind of relationship. Secondly, she will have been competing all day on Friday. On days that she competes, she comes home around 7 and goes straight to bed, so she will be exhausted tomorrow night and not up to company. Third, she does not want to sleep in a strange bed the night before a competition. She wants to be well rested (wise girl!). Since she can not talk to him (he does not listen), I will end up being the bad guy and telling him no. I have told him before that she wants alone time with just him, not with the girlfriend. He doesn’t heed this advice. Now he is going to blow into town for two nights, see her for a day, and leave again. I do not understand his planning. Although he is supposedly coming into town for our daughter, this appears to be a weekend away with his girlfriend instead. This is so frustrating to me. He is on a two week vacation and this is the time that he has managed to set aside for his daughter. I simply do not get it.

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