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*It is currently 93 degrees. Earlier in the week, the high was only in the 50s. There is something wrong with that in my opinion.

*The dog had emergency surgery this week. We were told to prepare for the worst. It has all ended well. She now has a 10 inch incision in her stomach. 

*My 5th grade boys freaked out about spiders twice this week while the girls could care less. 

*I went to a softball game this morning. That was fun. 

*Some of my students are begging me to teach 6th grade next year so that they can have me again. I taught them in 4th grade last year and 5th grade this year. I can not believe that they would want me for a 3rd year. 

*We got our preliminary state scores back (for the students) this week.  Our 5th grade students made a 65% increase in reading. That’s pretty amazing, especially considering how tough this year was. 

*I can’t get the dog to take her antibiotics without a treat, yet when I laid the cat’s antibiotic down on the bed so I could pry her mouth open, the dog came along and willingly ate it. WTH?

*A friend in Washington was told that she won’t be re-hired next year for teaching. All teachers with 3 years or less of experience have received pink slips due to the budget crises. That’s 83 teachers in her district. Meanwhile, my district is still trying to figure out what they are going to do. They are considering 4 day school weeks. 

*Government needs to get into the schools and see what is really happening instead of creating all of these regulations based on perceptions and cutting funding constantly. It’s not good for the kids and it’s not good for the future of America. We need to look at Japan and some of the other countries and get our schools straightened out. 

*Parents need to start parenting their children and stop being afraid to be the bad guy.

*I need to work on breaking my coffee addiction. It’s getting out of hand.

*I got my hair done today. That’s always a treat.


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I stopped by the local Dutch Bros to pick up an Iced Milky Way. Soon, I fell into an easy conversation with the guy working the counter. He asked if I had any fun plans for the weekend and then explained that, as punishment for partying, he would be spending Saturday cleaning his girlfriend’s garage, although, it “was worth it.” I learned that he is a student at the local community college and although he doesn’t quite know what he wants to do, he is leaning towards psychology which is what really got our conversation flowing. I mentioned that one of the biggest injustices of our schools is that we no longer have counselors and the conversation went on and on from there. It was an excellent conversation. He was very knowledgeable about the school system and today’s children. I think it was the best conversation that I have had in weeks and bits of it continue to replay through my mind. 

The greatest impact that the whole conversation had on me? The fact that he “started school in 1992.” That means that I am nearly old enough to be his mother. How did this happen??? I know that I am older than these young coffee bistros, but come on, old enough to be their mother??? Somehow, the fact that I have a 15 year old daughter, the fact that I have lived life, the fact that I have continued to age has escaped me. In my mind, I’m still 30. I am an adult, but I am not an aging adult which leaves me to wonder, just how old do these young adults think I am? Am I simply another adult face in the crowd that judges teens with contempt? Am I someone’s mother? Just another customer? Have I, in my years of living, lost my identity and simply become just another face in the crowd?

The irony is, that in the last ten years, I have truly began to live my life and discover who I am. Is it possible that as I have blossomed, I have also, somehow, become just another face in the crowd?

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campfireA typical day at work includes putting out several fires. I work with fifth graders. If you have worked with, or been the parent of a fifth grader, you know exactly what I am talking about. Hormones are raging, tempers are flaring, emotions are soaring. We tend to relate these things to the girls, but the truth is that boys are equally “terrible” in their own way. 

This year, my classroom has consisted of 33 students. I have 14 girls and 19 boys. It’s been an adventurous year!! In addition to the classroom, I have also been attending school full time to complete my master’s degree (I’m done!), am on various “teams” and committees, and am the Administrative Assistant. Administrative Assistant is the fancy way of saying, “We don’t have enough money in our budget to hire an assistant principal although we recognize that we need one. Instead, we will pay a teacher a small stipend to take on the roll of ‘administrative assistant’.” Of course, they are always able to find someone willing. 

This week, I have taken off my teacher hat and stepped completely into the principal role due to an illness. Whenever you cover for someone else, you find yourself in a position of knowing minimal history and trying to base decisions on what you know. For example, has this student been in a fight before or is this the first time? Is this a trustworthy student/parent or should I listen with caution? 

dinosaur_asteroid_5This is not the first time that I have stepped into the role, but this is perhaps the most difficult time. It is nearing the end of the year, the weather is in the 90s and beautiful, kids are tired of each other, tired of the system, and ready to move on to the next year. This week, instead of  in addition to the normal fires that I put out, I am finding myself battling forrest fires. I am trying to tame fires without knowing exactly how or where they began, a very difficult task.

Tonight, as I was unwinding, I found myself wondering if I had committed to attend any games this weekend and realized that I was smiling. You see, whenever a student invites me to attend one of his/her games, I makes sure that I attend at least one a season. The truth is that I am lousy at watching. I usually get caught up in talking and when a shot is made or the ball is hit, I find myself scrambling to catch up to what just happened. I’m good with paying attention during action packed games, but the reality is that my students are still learning basic skills. Few of their games are action packed. 

Years down the road, when my students look back to the fifth grade, I hope that they will remember me in a positive manner. I am willing to bet that the “athletes” will not remember that I taught them math, science or writing, they will remember that on Saturday, I came and watched their game. They will remember that;

A champion team from Garner, NC.

A champion team from Garner, NC.

“My teacher saw me make my first touch down!”

“You saw me pitch for the first time!”

“Did you see that triple home runner that I hit?!?!?!”

They will remember that I sat in the bleachers and cheered them on and we talked about it for the rest of their time at the school. They will know that I care, not because I have to, but because I really do. They will know simply because, “You really came to my game!”

This simple thing is what makes all of the fires worth it. 



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Boys should come with a warning:

May smell. Showers are limited and must be forced. 

What is it about boys that they can’t stand to take showers? My kid stinks. He needs a shower. While I worked in the yard, mowed, lawn mower maintenance, etc, he played in the dirt, the weeds, the grass, everything outside and now he stinks. Sadly, this doesn’t phase him. 

His sister started taking daily showers in the second grade. He’s in the second grade, but showers only come after a battle. Currently, he has waisted nearly 30 minutes trying to come up with ways to avoid the shower including, “All I need is a bucket so I can dump water on my head. That’s all I really need to wash is my hair.” 


“I don’t want to take a shower. Why do I have to take a shower?”

Me, “I don’t want to smell you. You STINK! Go take a shower, NOW.”

Praise God, I finally hear the water running and his body just slinked in. It’s about time!

I’ll be working on those warning labels.

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When we moved into this house during Christmas break, I thought it was a great time to fill the UHaul up with items and drop everything off at the Goodwill. Amongst the boxes of toys, dishes, and clothing was our kitchen table from somewhere in the early 1990s, possibly the late 80s. I was so sick of that table and figured we didn’t use it all that much anyways, so why not? 

Ha! Apparently, we used the table more than I realized. The worst part of all was that somehow my bed became the new dining room which is really ironic considering I just don’t do crumbs in my bed. On Thursday, I finally found the perfect little table for our home and family. I ordered it and it will take approximately 6 weeks to arrive. In the meantime, my children have talked non-stop about how excited they are to be getting a new table. I find great humor in this. My son literally asks me several times a day, “How long until the kitchen table comes?” Who knew.


Our new "breakfast nook"

Our new "breakfast nook"

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If the curtains are closed and you knock on the door and no one answers, don’t keep knocking and then ring the door bell. I swear I’m going to make my dog bite you (as if)! 

Why do the Jehovah Witness people always come early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and insist on someone answering the door? I was taught you knock once and move along. Maybe this religion hasn’t been taught door knocking etiquette. To top it all off, they always seem to show up on the days that insomnia kicked my butt, I was up until 4 or 5, and the whole house is finally snoozing along nicely. Do they have some type of secret sleep radar? 

At my last house, I asked them not to come anymore. They stopped for awhile. Unfortunately, it eventually began again and like I said, they are persistent until you finally open the door. So, I was at the point that I had a plan to open the door NUDE and trust me, that is NOT what they would want. This plan developed because I was in the shower when their ringing/knocking began and it continued until, wrapped in a towel, I finally answered the door. 

In high school, I had an atheist friend who threatened them off with a shot gun. I always had a great image of that one in my head. He was a red head and known to have a temper and strong opinion. His parents were out of town, so there would be no stopping him running down the street, aiming the gun and shouting obscenities. 

Next time, that little old man better not keeping knocking because someone or something will bite him. 

“I’m sorry to bother you so early, but…”  If you are sorry, then don’t do it or is door knocking, waking families up, and irritating the community a part of your ticket to heaven? Argh.

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I feel like the fricken cat lady. It really sucks. I would say that I need therapy, but I really have learned my lesson. These are the animals that reside in my rather small home:


Teenage Daughter & her snake, Sweety

Son & Dog

Son & Dog, Gabby

5 African Dwarf Frogs

5 African Dwarf Frogs (Son's)

A Red Eared Slider (son's)

A Red Eared Slider (son's)


An old cat named Grace

An old cat named Grace

Star, the most unphotogenic cat ever

Star, the most unphotogenic cat ever

The Mommy/Daughter Dual, Molly & Karma

The Mommy/Daughter Dual, Molly & Karma

Molly and Karma are a result of me feeling sorry for them, so I took them in. 4 cats in a home is absolutely ridiculous and it won’t happen again. Actually, if my house were larger, it might not matter, but my house is not larger, so I simply feel like a fool. Lucky for them, they are the sweetest cats ever…or at least the mom, Molly, is and they are a package deal. Want some cats? or frogs or a turtle? Hmmm????

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