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Yippee, the carpet shopping is done!! Holy cow, this spring break was spent doing a lot of shopping. The garage door took a day, the carpet took a day, and the kitchen table took a little over a day! My, my! 

How I spent my spring break:
Saturday – Costco, Mall, grocery store, digging in yard for about 2 hours, Lowe’s for manure and other fun things
Sunday – Finish digging in yard and planting (several hours, 45 gallon container of rocks (rocks dug up!), 4 bags of manure mixed into freshly hand tilled dirt,  approximately 50 plants and bulbs planted
Monday – Garage door shopping, filled out, faxed and mailed child support papers because ex wants to lower child support (this ended up taking FOREVER thanks to a fax machine that wouldn’t work properly and Kinko’s wanting to charge nearly $25!!! to fax 14 pages!)
Tuesday – Clean house, pet errands (pet food, etc.)
Wednesday – Garage people come out to measure, carpet shopping, kitchen table shopping
Thursday –  Laundry, laundry and more laundry, decided on and purchased kitchen table, worked on clearing out bonus room. Now need to go buy more shelves so it can be finished. 
Friday – Carpet shopping all stinking day!! Put solar lights in the yard, work on bonus room a little more. 
Saturday – Return all carpet samples, maybe paint?, not quite sure. So much left to do and quickly running out of time.

It’s funny how teachers look forward to Spring Break not so we can relax, but so that we can get caught up on the things that we simply don’t have time to do during the school year. I wish I had one more week.


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I wrote a blog earlier in which I mentioned that my son and I went to Lowe’s. I didn’t say much more about it, either positive or negative yet I come home tonight and discovered that Lowe’s has a site called Lowe’s Red Apron in which they linked me. Weirdness in my opinion. I do shop at Lowe’s, more frequently lately due to the purchase of my home. Other than the convenience factor, that is about the only reason that I shop there. Getting service is pretty difficult. I always have to track someone down. I don’t know if it’s just my perception, but the male customer’s seem to have employees following them, offering to help while us females have to search high and low for employees. I have had some wonderful male employees, but more often than not, they don’t really seem to want to give me the time of the day. Maybe they assume that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. The women, on the other hand, are usually very friendly and will even joke and interact. I don’t know. I’d think that maybe it was just me, but I have heard other women say the same thing and I don’t feel this way about any other store. 

So, for you men that think women don’t do handiwork, let me tell you about some of the things that I have done. I have done these alone, researching if necessary and without the help of a professional. I have completely taken apart a toilet in order to repair parts, repaired a faulty shower knob, replaced numerous door knobs and locks, replaced handles on sliding glass doors, replaced screen doors, cut and installed wire around the foundation of my home, rebuilt a pond, fixed leaky sinks, caulked entire bathrooms, of course I have painted walls and ceilings, moved a whole home entirely on my own across state lines, repaired appliances, repair holes in walls…the list is long. 

I am woman, hear me roar!!  🙂

I wonder if Lowe’s will be linking this particular post to my blog. Hmmmm….

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Gone are the lazy Saturday mornings. In fact gone are the lazy weekends. I long for a lazy day. I guess I had one yesterday only because I stayed home sick. After fighting a migraine and Immitrex doing nothing for it, I left work at 10:30 Thursday morning and stayed home on Friday as well. Thinking hard, I can not come up with anything worthwhile that I did yesterday. That’s ok, though, because that’s what sick days are about. 

Today started nice and early at 5:30. My daughter and I got up and got ready to go. We were out the door by 6:40 so that my daughter could catch the bus to the mountain by 7:00 (she’s on the ski team). After dropping her off, I drove to the coffee shop (Black Rock – YUMMY!!) for a hot Caramel Blondie and then my son and I went to Lowe’s. I was looking for a mirror for the bathroom. It dawned on me that the mirrors are far too heavy and I will have to hire someone to hang one for me (darn it) so I didn’t buy one. We then headed to Walmart in which I bought curtains for the living room and the kitchen. I am very excited about what I found. My house is a maple color with white trim. I have mahogany furniture and a “sea foam” colored couch and oversized chair. I bought some pretty bright red curtains which I plan to hang when I am done with this blog. I will have to post the picture.

Anyway, after Lowe’s and Walmart, we headed to the pet store to buy cat litter, but they weren’t open yet so we came home. Today I plan to finish hanging the curtains, paint the bathroom and work on school work. It will be a busy day. I will have to pick my daughter up from the bus at about 5:30 and then we will be meeting my nephew and his family for a birthday dinner in which we will be celebrating 3 birthdays. Sometime before that, I also need to stop at Costco and buy my son a birthday cake. That is all that he really wants (he already had his celebration and gifts), a “real” cake and a “big” cake from Costco. I can do that for him. 🙂 It’s true what they say, December babies never really get birthdays. Not only is his birthday right before Christmas, we also spent it moving this year. Poor kid. 

Anyway, boring post, but that’s ok because no one seems to be reading what I write anyways which leaves me to wonder why I write. I guess that I am hoping that one of these days someone will find me interesting. LOL HAPPY SATURDAY to anyone that happens to stop by. =)

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