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People are so weird. Yeah. Enough said. 

Except….might I add…Wow. 

*scratching my head as I exit*


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It’s not often that I say this. In fact, I’m not sure that I have EVER said this, but please let me be PMSing because I am just way too emotional and I don’t have time for this. At least if I am PMSing, I know that it is hormones and will be over during the next few days, right? 

I can’t seem to kick it in gear, either. I have a paper due tomorrow. It’s a research paper and only a couple of pages long. Papers in general are no big deal for me. I can crank out papers relatively quickly and easily. However, this one is a research paper so I can’t just crank out a paper and call it good. I actually have to go dig around for some information and the truth of the matter is that I don’t want to dig around for it and I could care less about the topic. 

I am working on my master’s degree. I am already in the field, so the topic is just more of the same of what I do every single day, but I have to find “evidence” that it is out there and that it is out there in three states. OMG. We all know it’s out there. It’s everywhere. It’s all over the freakin’ news. WHY do I have to find my time citing sources about it? Just let me write the damn paper. 

I need to spend some time with my kids. I need to clean my house. I need to unpack some boxes. Tomorrow I need to meet a colleague for some off-hours work. In the evening we are going over to a friend’s house for dinner. I really need to get this paper done TONIGHT. So why is it that I can’t get myself going on it? 

I don’t have time to procrastinate and yet, here I sit writing a blog because I would much rather do that.

Don’t you like how my opening paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with my blog? However, like all good writers, I have managed to tie it back into my paper for a proper closing. I did not do so smoothly, though, because, well, I simply don’t care. You see, this is my blog and I can ramble and whine any way that I choose. I just can’t expect you to actually read it. 

Ok, the next blog, I promise that I will make it more interesting. This blog, there just isn’t time. I HAVE to get that paper written! Anyone want to write it for me? Anyone?

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