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We hadn’t even left yet when my mom handed me a print off of the map that we would be using to find the fabric store. It was from Mapquest.

Mom, this map is useless. It doesn’t show how to get to the street that we need.

That’s ok. I have been there before. I know how to get there.

Are you sure, Mom? We could take my car and I can use my GPS system.

No, we’ll be fine. Besides, this will be fun.

It was fun, for about the first hour of what should have been a 30 minute drive. It was fun, until I began to realize that not only did my mom have no idea where she was going, but that I, even though I was from out of town and did not know the area, I had a better sense of direction than she did, although she would not listen to me. It was fun, until she wanted to ask some gangster how to find the fabric shop. Ok, that in and of itself was hilarious, but trying to find a fabric store for 2 hours instead of the 30 minutes that it should have taken? Yeah, not so fun.


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Do you guys want to do something?

Sure. We can go to Ikea.

Well, I don’t want to walk around anywhere.

Ummm…so when you asked if we wanted to do something, what exactly did you have in mind, Mom?

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Yippee, the carpet shopping is done!! Holy cow, this spring break was spent doing a lot of shopping. The garage door took a day, the carpet took a day, and the kitchen table took a little over a day! My, my! 

How I spent my spring break:
Saturday – Costco, Mall, grocery store, digging in yard for about 2 hours, Lowe’s for manure and other fun things
Sunday – Finish digging in yard and planting (several hours, 45 gallon container of rocks (rocks dug up!), 4 bags of manure mixed into freshly hand tilled dirt,  approximately 50 plants and bulbs planted
Monday – Garage door shopping, filled out, faxed and mailed child support papers because ex wants to lower child support (this ended up taking FOREVER thanks to a fax machine that wouldn’t work properly and Kinko’s wanting to charge nearly $25!!! to fax 14 pages!)
Tuesday – Clean house, pet errands (pet food, etc.)
Wednesday – Garage people come out to measure, carpet shopping, kitchen table shopping
Thursday –  Laundry, laundry and more laundry, decided on and purchased kitchen table, worked on clearing out bonus room. Now need to go buy more shelves so it can be finished. 
Friday – Carpet shopping all stinking day!! Put solar lights in the yard, work on bonus room a little more. 
Saturday – Return all carpet samples, maybe paint?, not quite sure. So much left to do and quickly running out of time.

It’s funny how teachers look forward to Spring Break not so we can relax, but so that we can get caught up on the things that we simply don’t have time to do during the school year. I wish I had one more week.

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My money is valuable, because, frankly, I have some. I am a fully employed individual which means that I am still able to afford the things that my children and I need. Furthermore, I recently purchased a home. The house was a foreclosure which means, it needs work. So this past week, I have been shopping. I have purchased a garage door, looked for carpet, and bought a kitchen table. 

The garage door place was wonderful. The man kept saying, “I’m sorry, I talk too much…” and he would continue talking which four days later cracks me up. I’m good with a person talking too much when they are telling me all about the product as this man was doing. I’m one of those odd balls that totally researches everything and reads all about the product no matter what it may be. What this man did not realize is that he didn’t really need to sell me on anything because every single person that I had spoken to about ‘where to get a garage door’ has referred me to this place. That’s good enough for me. 

Now we’ll talk about furniture shopping. Yep, they were all over me like there’s no tomorrow. My daughter even accused one of the sales clerks of stalking us. She was kind of creepy as she stood just far enough away and followed our every move. We finally made an abrupt exit out of a side door into the pouring rain just to get away from her. I did, however, end up finding the perfect table at a place with incredible prices and exceptional service and they weren’t even commission. Hindsight – getting rid of your kitchen table just because you are sick of it is not really a good idea. You should find a new table first lest your bed become the new family dining room. 


Our new "breakfast nook"

Our new "breakfast nook"



Here’s what I simply don’t get. Carpet shopping. If anything, I would think the carpet people would be bowing to me. Really, how much of a need is there for carpet in this economy? Not the case. I went to a carpet store and waited for 10 to 15 minutes. During this time, I saw 4 employees and was spoken to by no one. Yep, not even a hello or a “May I help you?” I was totally ignored even though there was only one other person in the store. Hmmmm. I have also left messages for carpet places. Guess how many have returned my call? Yeah, you got it, none. Carpet is the one thing that I need desperately and I can’t even get it. 

I keep hearing how badly the trade companies need business, yet I can’t even get service. I really don’t get it. I want new carpet. Who knew it’d be so hard to get.

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We did it. We, my children and I, escaped our comfort zone and headed to the thrift store this afternoon (see my previous post I Am a Snob). Before we even walked in the door, we giggled at the fact that everything in the store was color coded. I can not explain why this struck us as funny, but it did. Everything pink, red, black, blue, green, you name it was grouped together. First, the clothing hung on the rack in the proper color coded section. Atop the racks, color coded home decor (of the same color, of course!) was placed. The store is relatively new and I am pleased to announce that we were greeted by the heavy scent of floral air freshener rather than that nauseating old lady smell that I feared.

It quickly became obvious that none of us were going to make it through this shopping experience in a serious manner. My son immediately began finding odd items, bringing them to me wondering what they were.  I had no idea. We found two Chinese symbols on marble tiles. Both of them declaring “husband”. We could only conclude that the two husbands divorced. My daughter found a brand new pair of leg warmers, still on the cardboard “leg” with the original price tag. We found a hideous floral arrangement complete with those little wire light things. Something my daughter declared was, “…so ugly not even Grandma would have it in her house.” LMAO. I found plates that, I kid you not, were identical to the set that my family had when I was a young child. That means that they were from the late 60s, early 70s. There were little candles for sale, still in the box. On the candle box top were cute little ribbons announcing the marriage of Linda and Art. There was a glass high heel shoe with little whales swimming in it. Most of the clothing, including a leopard print skirt, appeared to be from the 80s. I really was having a flashback.

We finally decided that we had better leave before we were kicked out. I got the sense that our laughter was offending other customers. We did not go in to be snobs, we were genuinely trying to find some clothes. What I did not expect was the flashback down memory lane and the odd things that we found. I kept thinking, “Someone actually bought this stuff or received it for a gift. Either way, someone actually bought it.”

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I Am a Snob

Yes, the jury is in and I am a snob raising snob children. This is the year that I stop using my credit cards and dig myself out of this financial hell-hole that I have created. In doing so, I recently told my children that we were going to go to the thrift store to try to find jeans. There is a nice thrift store not far from us. In fact, I recently donated over half a U-Haul load to them, but that’s beside the point. While my daughter was a little apprehensive, my son is appalled. He simply does not want to wear someone else’s clothes. I don’t get this. If we can find nice clothes, take them home and wash them, what’s the big deal? It’s not like I am buying them used underwear or anything. I look at the quality of clothes that I donate and the nearly new jeans that I have donated and think that I can surely find something at the thrift store equally nice. 

Here’s the reality, though. I don’t want used clothes, either.Ugh. Yes, I am a snob. I want to go to Nordstroms (haha…there isn’t even one in this town! The closest Nordstroms is about 4 hours away) and buy their nice, new clothes. Clothes that fit nicely and last forever. Clothes that look professional and make me feel like I look like a professional. 

This is stupid thinking in some regards. I live in a town in which the nicest store around is a Macy’s. This is not a nice Macy’s, but a sub-standard Macy’s. It has a long ways to step up before it meets the expectations of the reputation of a Macy’s. No, most people in my town shop at Walmart, Ross, TJMax or Goodwill. Of course, there is also Old Navy, the Gap, Aeropostle and some of the trendy stores, but most families seem to shop at Walmart or Goodwill…even those families that are in a higher economic position than I am. In fact, that was one of my attractions of this town. There is not the pressure of keeping up with the Jones’ like there was in the large town that I came from. 

So, some day soon, I will venture out of my comfort zone and see what the thrift store has to offer. I anticipate either finding many goods and leaving excited, or being grossed out by that weird smell, prices too expensive for used clothing, and a general sense of nausea. I really hope it’s the first and not the latter.

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Gone are the lazy Saturday mornings. In fact gone are the lazy weekends. I long for a lazy day. I guess I had one yesterday only because I stayed home sick. After fighting a migraine and Immitrex doing nothing for it, I left work at 10:30 Thursday morning and stayed home on Friday as well. Thinking hard, I can not come up with anything worthwhile that I did yesterday. That’s ok, though, because that’s what sick days are about. 

Today started nice and early at 5:30. My daughter and I got up and got ready to go. We were out the door by 6:40 so that my daughter could catch the bus to the mountain by 7:00 (she’s on the ski team). After dropping her off, I drove to the coffee shop (Black Rock – YUMMY!!) for a hot Caramel Blondie and then my son and I went to Lowe’s. I was looking for a mirror for the bathroom. It dawned on me that the mirrors are far too heavy and I will have to hire someone to hang one for me (darn it) so I didn’t buy one. We then headed to Walmart in which I bought curtains for the living room and the kitchen. I am very excited about what I found. My house is a maple color with white trim. I have mahogany furniture and a “sea foam” colored couch and oversized chair. I bought some pretty bright red curtains which I plan to hang when I am done with this blog. I will have to post the picture.

Anyway, after Lowe’s and Walmart, we headed to the pet store to buy cat litter, but they weren’t open yet so we came home. Today I plan to finish hanging the curtains, paint the bathroom and work on school work. It will be a busy day. I will have to pick my daughter up from the bus at about 5:30 and then we will be meeting my nephew and his family for a birthday dinner in which we will be celebrating 3 birthdays. Sometime before that, I also need to stop at Costco and buy my son a birthday cake. That is all that he really wants (he already had his celebration and gifts), a “real” cake and a “big” cake from Costco. I can do that for him. 🙂 It’s true what they say, December babies never really get birthdays. Not only is his birthday right before Christmas, we also spent it moving this year. Poor kid. 

Anyway, boring post, but that’s ok because no one seems to be reading what I write anyways which leaves me to wonder why I write. I guess that I am hoping that one of these days someone will find me interesting. LOL HAPPY SATURDAY to anyone that happens to stop by. =)

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