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Sometimes life hands us things and we don’t know what to do with it. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? It sure seems like a good thing, but there are things that have you questioning it all. At least that’s how it works in my brain.

Life has made me cautious, very cautious. In many ways this is a good thing. I tend to be able to read people like a book. I can generally let you know if someone is worth getting to know before they have opened their mouth. I can read body language and facial expressions well and I’m usually dead on.  I’ve learned to listen to my instincts and to rely on them.

I seem to be on this new path lately. Life veered significantly off trail just over a year ago and I seem to finally be at a place where I can start living again. Too bad it has taken so long. It seems like a wasted year, but that’s not fair to myself nor fair to the lessons that I have surely learned and am yet to realize.

There is much to be said about my life at the moment and so little that I actually want to say. Leann Rimes does a nice job of summing it up; Something’s Gotta Give.


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After a long day of work followed by two meetings, picking one child up from school and picking another child up from a birthday party, I finally made it home. Having had a pretty good day and being fairly upbeat, I opened my front door and was confronted with a putrid smell similar to rotten meat. Horrified at what might be causing such an odor, I sat my things down to begin the investigation. By this time, my daughter had found the air neutralizer and had already begun spraying. I promptly told her to stop spraying until we could identify the source of repulse. At this time she stated, “It’s my science experiment.” Gag!!

She is growing bacteria in different environments such as the freezer, an incubator and of course at room temperature. If only I had realized the repercussions of such an experiment! That was yesterday, today is almost over, only tomorrow is left. I am counting down until the bacteria can be destroyed and we can decide how best to eliminate the odor. In the meantime, please don’t come knocking on my door because I won’t be letting you in!

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Am I right to be angry with the 17 year old who picked up my 14 year old daughter, drove her to his house, provided her with so much alcohol that she got drunk and passed out and I could smell it on her for several hours later it was so bad? Are they really both “just kids” or, as a senior in high school, 3 years older than my freshman, should he be more responsible? I know they are both guilty and it was ultimately her choice, but I am so furious with him for making those options available to her. Am I wrong? Please tell me what you think.

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When I asked her if she is upset with her father, she said, “No. This is exactly what I expect of him.”

Not even a goodbye?


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