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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my son was better behaved during my meeting than I was. Let me share a few minutes of that meeting with you. My son was unsuspecting in these pics. It was shoot and click, no aiming. I got what I got. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I also took various pictures of unsuspecting colleagues, but I will save them the humiliation of posting…especially since they don’t even know that they were victims to my bad picture taking. Keep in mind, these pictures were taken on a cell phone.


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It is not his bed, it is mine. It is meant for me and me alone, yet night after night he crawls in with me. I hear his soft breathing in my ear, the heat of his body against mine. He gently strokes my hair and proclaims his love for me. I reach out, my hand caressing his cheek. I replace my hand with my lips. I had only intended to give him one kiss, but my mouth has become engulfed with the subtlety of his cheek and one kiss is no longer adequate. 

My heart overfills with the love that we share. The little irritants are erased and our love is rekindled. I know that he loves me and appreciates me. I no longer recall the name calling and defiance, the sibling rivalry. This is my son. The child that was formed within me. The child that I have loved since before birth. He is miraculously mine, born of me and yet completely separate. 

I enfold him in my arms. I listen as his heart slows, his breathing becomes deeper. Soon, I know he is asleep. I let him be with me for another hour or so, just long enough to know that moving him will not re-awaken him. I will lead him to his bed, tuck him and return to mine knowing that my son loves me and knowing the secret that he is not capable of loving me nearly as much as I love him.

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Today I took a little mini-vacation. It was a “me” day. My “me” days are few and far in between as I am a single mom and my children do not see Dad very much for various reasons. In fact, it’s been over 3 years since my 8 year old son has seen his father.

I had an appointment with a lawyer. Originally, I was going to cram to see her after I was done with work, but doing proved to be difficult in the baby sitting department so I took one of my three personal days and turned it into a me day. 

I woke up as normal, got the kids going and we were out the door around 7:15 – a good half hour later than normal since I didn’t actually need to be at work. I dropped my son off at school, and then my daughter at her school. After that, I grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. (Wow, this is a really boring blog!!!). Next on the agenda, I spent time unpacking the kitchen. I’m happy to report that it is almost done. I met my lawyer at 11 and after an hour consult was finished. I was excited to learn that I was well within my legal rights and actually could even extend those rights more fully if I so choose. 

From there, I came home for about an hour, got on the computer and watched a show, then it was time to pick my son up from school. We ran to a couple of stores together before we picked up my daughter. This was the only down point of the day – she had dropped her brand new cell phone in the toilet and wasn’t sure if it works anymore. At this, I told her that it made me very angry, which, in turn, made her mad because she “didn’t do it on purpose.” Duh!! It’s a brand new phone, kid! 

After coming home for a bit and eating dinner, I was able to further escape for more me time. Neither of the kids wanted to make a Walmart run with me…great for me! I took my time  browsing magazines, looking at plants, home accessories, etc. Really, I just took my time. I was home to stay around 7:45 and I can not believe how refreshed I feel. I really needed this mini break.

Once home, my children and I talked a bit, my son and I had a “sword” fight, I managed to pin him and tie him up, life is good. Now, I lay in bed cuddled with him. I will soon close the lid on this laptop and devote the last few minutes of the day strictly to him. This is a good day.

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