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Today I took a little mini-vacation. It was a “me” day. My “me” days are few and far in between as I am a single mom and my children do not see Dad very much for various reasons. In fact, it’s been over 3 years since my 8 year old son has seen his father.

I had an appointment with a lawyer. Originally, I was going to cram to see her after I was done with work, but doing proved to be difficult in the baby sitting department so I took one of my three personal days and turned it into a me day. 

I woke up as normal, got the kids going and we were out the door around 7:15 – a good half hour later than normal since I didn’t actually need to be at work. I dropped my son off at school, and then my daughter at her school. After that, I grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. (Wow, this is a really boring blog!!!). Next on the agenda, I spent time unpacking the kitchen. I’m happy to report that it is almost done. I met my lawyer at 11 and after an hour consult was finished. I was excited to learn that I was well within my legal rights and actually could even extend those rights more fully if I so choose. 

From there, I came home for about an hour, got on the computer and watched a show, then it was time to pick my son up from school. We ran to a couple of stores together before we picked up my daughter. This was the only down point of the day – she had dropped her brand new cell phone in the toilet and wasn’t sure if it works anymore. At this, I told her that it made me very angry, which, in turn, made her mad because she “didn’t do it on purpose.” Duh!! It’s a brand new phone, kid! 

After coming home for a bit and eating dinner, I was able to further escape for more me time. Neither of the kids wanted to make a Walmart run with me…great for me! I took my time  browsing magazines, looking at plants, home accessories, etc. Really, I just took my time. I was home to stay around 7:45 and I can not believe how refreshed I feel. I really needed this mini break.

Once home, my children and I talked a bit, my son and I had a “sword” fight, I managed to pin him and tie him up, life is good. Now, I lay in bed cuddled with him. I will soon close the lid on this laptop and devote the last few minutes of the day strictly to him. This is a good day.


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Gone are the lazy Saturday mornings. In fact gone are the lazy weekends. I long for a lazy day. I guess I had one yesterday only because I stayed home sick. After fighting a migraine and Immitrex doing nothing for it, I left work at 10:30 Thursday morning and stayed home on Friday as well. Thinking hard, I can not come up with anything worthwhile that I did yesterday. That’s ok, though, because that’s what sick days are about. 

Today started nice and early at 5:30. My daughter and I got up and got ready to go. We were out the door by 6:40 so that my daughter could catch the bus to the mountain by 7:00 (she’s on the ski team). After dropping her off, I drove to the coffee shop (Black Rock – YUMMY!!) for a hot Caramel Blondie and then my son and I went to Lowe’s. I was looking for a mirror for the bathroom. It dawned on me that the mirrors are far too heavy and I will have to hire someone to hang one for me (darn it) so I didn’t buy one. We then headed to Walmart in which I bought curtains for the living room and the kitchen. I am very excited about what I found. My house is a maple color with white trim. I have mahogany furniture and a “sea foam” colored couch and oversized chair. I bought some pretty bright red curtains which I plan to hang when I am done with this blog. I will have to post the picture.

Anyway, after Lowe’s and Walmart, we headed to the pet store to buy cat litter, but they weren’t open yet so we came home. Today I plan to finish hanging the curtains, paint the bathroom and work on school work. It will be a busy day. I will have to pick my daughter up from the bus at about 5:30 and then we will be meeting my nephew and his family for a birthday dinner in which we will be celebrating 3 birthdays. Sometime before that, I also need to stop at Costco and buy my son a birthday cake. That is all that he really wants (he already had his celebration and gifts), a “real” cake and a “big” cake from Costco. I can do that for him. 🙂 It’s true what they say, December babies never really get birthdays. Not only is his birthday right before Christmas, we also spent it moving this year. Poor kid. 

Anyway, boring post, but that’s ok because no one seems to be reading what I write anyways which leaves me to wonder why I write. I guess that I am hoping that one of these days someone will find me interesting. LOL HAPPY SATURDAY to anyone that happens to stop by. =)

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Randomness is my topic tonight.

  • My 95 pound lab/rottweiller mix of a dog is not allowed on my bed. However, while I am gone, she claims it as hers. While I don’t like this, it is nice when I am freezing cold to crawl into my already warm bed. Thank you, Gabby, for warming it for me. Now, GET DOWN!!! Actually, I don’t have to tell her to get down. She is down before I even come through the door. 
  • I am sick and tired of my classroom being freezing cold. Here’s the deal. If it is going to be cold, it really should be cold enough that we can have a snow day. If the weather is not going to cooperate, then bring on spring already!
  • I am sick of people making up excuses for why they can’t make deadlines and meet expectations and expecting me to pick up the pieces. Ok, this really only applies to one person, but I am not going to go there. 
  • I want it to be summer break.
  • I freak out when rubberbands are aimed at me. They can be incredibly painful, people!
  • Walmart attracts really odd people of all sorts which leaves me to ponder why I almost always run into students while at Walmart. What does that say about my students and the school that I teach at? Heck, what does it say about me?
  • How does anyone end up with a huge dog, 4 cats, a snake, a turtle and dwarf frogs and how long until the aforementioned population dwindles?
  • Why are teachers the worst students on earth?
  • Why are high school girls so moody? 
  • I think I need a date. I need to finish this class and then, maybe, I can devote some energy to dating again. Maybe?
  • If colors are caused by reflections of light on molecules, does color cease to exist if there is no light to reflect on the molecules?
  • Why are comfortable clothes so butt-ugly?
  • Why are YOU still reading this boring blog?
  • Will you please comment me? I need some traffic. LOL
  • I want to move to a small town in which I only work 4 days a week and have a much smaller classroom size. I think the pay cut would be worth it. 33 students is far too many. 
  • When will Oregon realize that teachers can not teach once their classroom sizes reach a certain point? 
  • Does legislation really expect me to meet the needs of all 33 kids in my classroom when my lowest level student tests at the first grade level and my highest tests at 12.9+? How? How do they expect me to do that?
  • Why does anyone think that I can get my job done in 40 hours a week? Can you please tell me know to do this?
  • Again, why are you still reading this?
  • My cats are named Grace, Star, Molly and Karma. Grace is old and has kidney failure. She is amazingly healthy all things considered. Normally, once diagnosed, cats die within two years. She’s made it 2 1/2 and is still ticking. Not bad. 
  • Anything else you want to know? Did I share too much? Yeah, I know I did. Oh well. Is anyone still reading this?
  • How come when others share their random information it is so much more interesting?
  • Why do humans wait as long as they possibly can before they finally get off of their lazy rear and go to the bathroom?
  • Want to see my tattoo?
  • OH! Why won’t my picture show? I have uploaded it twice now and it tells me that it will start showing my picture, but it never does. Why not? Why does the internet lie to me?
  • How much will you pay me to go away? Damnit. Quit reading this then!

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